Why is the EGO-T Starter Kit So Great?

Many people have asked me why the EGO-T starter kit is so great compared to the other electronic cigarette kits on the market. To me the answer is very simple since I have been vaping for over 3 years now. But in this article I will break down the differences between some of the more popular kits and compare them to the EGO-T starter kit.

Most e-cigarette kits come with a battery and a atomizer (cartomizer) which will screw onto the battery and you can puff away for about 50-100 puffs before that little battery dies on you. The kit I am referring to is a standard electronic cigarette battery which is slim in size. The battery in these kits are just not big enough to get you through a whole refill, so you spend a lot of time rotating from one battery on the charger (your spare) to the one you are using. These kits usually come with a flavor refills that are all in the same nicotine level and flavor. The downside to these kits is that you better like the flavor you choose because you are only getting this one flavor for all the refills you received.

Now on the other hand, the EGO-T, which stands for EGO-Tank Starter Kit. The "T" came into play when the kit started using the CE4 Clearomizer Tank. The tank is great because it is very low maintenance and doesn't leak if used correctly.

The EGO-T starter kit that we sell comes with the following:

1- 1100mAh EGO-T Battery (this is the larger of the two batteries)

1- 650mAh EGO-T Battery

2- CE4 Clearomizer Empty Tanks

1- Empty Filling Bottle with Needle Tip

1- USB Charger

1- Wall Charger

1- EGO Case

Current Promotion Gives You A Free 10ml Liquid Of Your Choice in Flavor and Nicotine Level.

Here is a link to the Kit: EGO-T Electronic Cigarette with Liquid
EGO Electronic Cigarette

So Why Is The EGO-T Starter Kit So Great?

Lets start with the EGO-T 1100mAh battery. This is the larger of the two batteries that will allow you to vape for several days. How may days is determined by how old you battery is (cycles the battery has been through)? On average we get 3-4 days on a single charge with the 1100 mAh battery. The second battery that comes in the kit is the smaller 650mAh battery. Both batteries are lithium-ion batteries which will outperform a standard 808thread electronic cigarette battery (like in the kit described above) by several hours. This a great little battery that will last on average 1-2days without the need for a recharge.

The CE4 Clearomizers come empty and you will have to fill them with your flavor of choice. To do this, simply unscrew the top mouth piece and pour in the liquid with the clearomizer on its side. You do not want to pour the liquid down the center hold as that is the airway passage needed to atomize the liquid into vapor. With the mouth piece screwed back on, the CE4 Tanks shouldn't leak. They were designed with plastic gaskets that allow for you to put the electronic cigarette into your pocket and not worry about any leaking. Speaking of that, many people get confused on how to turn on and off their EGO-T batteries.

The EGO Kit allows you the option of turning on or off your batteries. Turn On the EGO-T battery - Simply click the center button (the "hit button) 5 times and the light inside the button will light up, indicating that the battery is on and ready to use. Turing off your batteries when they are not in use gives you a lot longer vaping time.

The very best part of the EGO-T and liquids is that you are able to mix 2 flavors of eliquids together in the empty filling bottle and make your own flavor. Whether you like strawberry and vanilla together or cherry and grape, you are able to do this with the EGO-T starter kit. This is my favorite part of the EGO kit because I love mixing flavors together!

Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite flavor below!

Happy Vaping!

Author Brittany Thompson