Joytech eVic Software V1.2 for Windows

This information is only if you are using a Windows computer - If you are looking for Apple software for your eVic click here.

eVic Software

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eVic Software

MVR V1.2 includes code for upgrading eVic to eVic V 1.2 Beta. After users download and install MVR V1.2, computer will detect software version of eVic and remind to upgrade when eVic connects with computer. Users simply click "Upgrade" button, MVR software will help you complete upgrading of eVic automatically.

MVR V1.2 Menu has been redesigned according to users' habit, it looks like more reasonable and easy to operate. It added MVR VV/MVR VW functions. In addition, users can choose manual or auto mode for vapor, and select puff, time or V/W ohm to display on home screen by their preference.