Liqua has discontinued 9mg Low Nicotine

Yes, it is true that Ritchy the maker of Liqua Smoke Juice has discontinued the 9mg nicotine level and in place now offers 12mg and 6mg for the low end of nicotine for the smoke juice. The levels offered now are:

Nicotine Levels Offered:
24mg High
18mg Normal
12mg Low
6mg Ulta Low
0mg No Nicotine

Although Liqua Smoke Juice has discontinued the 9mg nicotine level there is still a small amount of stock still in the market. World Vapor does have some remaining stock of it if that is the nicotine level of your choice. Please ask if you do not see it on the site.

We welcome this change and know that the Liqua Brand continually strives to make sure you are receiving the best eliquid starting with the Right Flavors and the Right Ingredients.

The Liqua Smoke Juice has independent experts who confirm all the claims of the eliquid. Liqua follows all the FDA recommendations (the sames ones for food handling) when producing each and everyone of the liquids. They also take it a step further by conforming to the USP standard and each package is packed exclusively in the materials intended for food and pharmaceuticals which means they are cleaned and made sanitary before packing.