World Vapor Expos for 2014

World Vapor Expo

World Vapor will be attending several of the Vapor Expos throughout the country in 2014. Vendors of electronic cigarette industry have a number of opportunities to link up and share ideas during these conferences. These expos also allow for the chances to gain new contacts and reconnect with old ones.

World Vapor Expo list: We will be attending these expos in 2014. The Tobacco Plus expo and the VCCT in Tampa. These two expos give great opportunity to discuss the relevant issues we will all begin to face as new legislation starts happening for the electronic cigarettes throughout the USA. World Vapor is committed to contributing to these changes and to making electronic cigarettes stick around in the long run.

World Vapor feels that there are a variety of reasons to attend electronic cigarette expos and events. It’s not always just about the information presented.

Networking at each Expo World Vapor attends

One of the best good reasons to wait most of these conventions can be network having some other professionals within our electronic cigarette marketplace. The easy means of trading small business cards with different people and making new acquaintances could be of massive help as time goes on. That they claim it’s not necessarily that which you learn, it’s that you know. I love to think that that which you learn can be pretty critical as well, yet that you know can’t harm either. So World Vapor makes it a point to attend these shows to exchange business cards

The World Vapor Expo Schedule for in 2014

The Tobacco Plus Expo will be in January. The opening reception starts January 28, 2014 from 6pm – 8pm. The convention will last from January 29th – 30th. The Las Vegas Convention Center at the South Hall 1 will house this event. Las Vegas is a very popular vacation destination, so its always recommended to get additional information.

The Tampa Convention Center will hold its VCCT (Vaping & e-Cigarette Convention) from February 21st – 22nd. This is Tampa’s very first vaping and e-cig convention.

Vape Blast 2014 will be held in Lewisville, Texas. This event will start on March 14th, and last till March 16th, 2014. The location of the convention will be at the MCL Grand.

It’s always good practice to call ahead of time to make reservations and hotel accommodations. You will also be able to get information about any special early receptions or closing dinners that will be held for guests.

Best Products For 2014 - World Vapor Expo

Traveling to the different conventions throughout the nation, I have seen many of the products offered in the electronic cigarette arena. Some are "gimmicky" while others are very functional and actually offer the customer a benefit. For example: the new E-LVT while a cool PV(personal vaporizer) lacks many options other PV give. The favorite we have seen at the shows is still the Joyetech Evic due to it's simplicity and options. The EVIC has proven itself over the last 2 years to keep going even when we have dropped it in the parking lots and on the concrete.

Find our more about the 2014 EVIC by Joytech
eVic by Joyetech

When looking for your next PV make sure you look for the following:

1. It works with the tank you are using. Many new tanks have different threads on them. Make sure yours is compatible with the PV you are looking at.

2. Make sure that the PV has the battery power you need to vape throughout your day. Some heavy user are having to switch to a higher capacity battery because they don't have enough battery power. Make sure the PV you are looking at has enough battery life for your habit.

3. Finally, look at the accessories that come with the kit. Make sure you are picking a kit that is easy to charge and take with you.

World Vapor Expo

Find out more about the expos World Vapor will be attending by emailing us.

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