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EGO-T Instructions - How to Use The EGO-T Electronic Cigarette

How to use the EGO-T Electronic Cigarette

Many have ordered the EGO-T electronic cigarette with liquid and need further instructions on how it works. So we have provided some basic instructions on how to get going with your new EGO Electronic Cigarette.

To Get Started

1. Unscrew the mouth piece on the tank and look down inside the tank. You will notice a venting hole in the center. This is your airway hole - Do not get liquid down this center hole.

** Take notice from the bottom of the tank the airway hole that you saw when you took the mouth piece off starts from the bottom of the tank and extends into the tank.

CE4 Clearomizer Top Airway Hole CE4 Clearomizer Airway Hole

2. Unscrew the cap on your bottle of liquid. Tilt your tank on its side and put the nipple of the bottle into the tank. Gently squeeze the bottle and drip the liquid inside the tank so that the liquid runs down the side wall of the tank system.


3. Fill the tank to the 1.6ml indicator on the side of the tank or until the wicks on each side are submerged into the liquid.
If this is the first time you are filling the tank allows a few moments for the liquid to soak into the wicks. The wicks are string like within the tank that draw the liquid into the atomizer inside the airway hole.

4. Screw back on the mouth piece. There should be 1 or 2 turns of threads to tighten the mouth piece down.

5. Screw the clearomizer tank onto the battery.

6. To turn the EGO Battery on - Click the "hit" button 5x rapidly. The light inside the button will flash indicating that the battery is on. To turn off, repeat the 5x click pattern.

At this time you should have your battery ON, the tank screwed on to the battery, liquid inside the tanks soaking into the wicks, and the mouth piece back on.

Turn On or Off EGO-T

7. Put the mouth piece inside your mouth and press the HIT button as you draw in. The button must be pressed to atomize the liquid as you inhale.

8. Once the liquid has drained down within the tank and you are no longer getting vapor out of the mouthpiece, repeat this process to refill the clearomizer tank.

Charging the EGO-T Battery

Simply unscrew the tank and screw the USB charger onto the battery. Place the USB & battery into the wall socket. You should see a RED LED light up on your USB charger and on the wall charger. The RED LED on the USB charger (AND ONLY THE USB CHARGER) will turn GREEN once the battery is charged. This usually takes about 45 minutes to 3 hours to charge.

Once your battery is charged indicated by the GREEN light on the USB charger, you can unscrew the charger and put the tank back onto the battery.

Trouble Shooting the EGO-T Electronic Cigarette

1. I am not getting any vapor out of the mouth piece. What is wrong?

Is your battery charged? Do you have liquid inside the tank? Have your reached the lifespan of the atomizer inside the clearomizer tank?

The clearomizer tanks have a life span of between 800-1400 puffs before they will burn out. If you have a CE4 or a CE5 there is no real way to change out the atomizer within the tank. You will just need to get a new one. If you have a CE5, CE9, Vivi Nova, Protank, or other clearomizer that allows you to change your atomizers then you will need to disassemble the tank and trade out the old atomizer for a new one.

2. Why won't my EGO battery hold a charge?

The EGO batteries have a life cycle of about 300-600 recharges. They are a lithium battery just like a laptop and over time they will lose their ability to hold a charge. So if you are not able to charge your EGO battery it is most likely that your battery has gone through its life-cycle and will need to be replaced.

3. How do I turn on the EGO Battery?

The process to turn on the EGO battery is a 5 click quick pattern on the button on the battery. You must click this button five times rapidly to turn on or off the battery. This feature was designed so that you can safely put your battery into your pocket or purse and not have it firing while not in use.

4. Can I mix liquids two liquids inside the Clearomizer Tank?

Yes - We have many people mixing two flavors inside a tank. It will not harm the tank to have multiple flavors and nicotine levels run through the clearomizer tanks. We recommend using the Empty Bottle for mixing flavors.

5. Why is my EGO leaking?

There can be several reasons why your tank might be leaking. First, I would start by seeing where it is leaking from. If it is coming from the bottom of the tank (in between the battery and the tank) most likely you have just put some liquid down the center air-hole and it is draining out. To fix this, take the tank off the battery and put it upright on a paper towel and allow some time to drain. Use a paper towel to clean the top of the battery before you put the tank back on.

It is leaking from the mouth piece. This can occur when you have either lost your seal that sits on top of the atomizer inside the tank or that seal has been moved off center allowing some of your liquid to escape out the side of it. To fix this reposition the seal with a paperclip or other device so that is is seated in the center. If you have done this and it is still leaking, take a look at your mouthpiece. The mouthpiece should have a rubber clear ring on it that sits just below the threads. Make sure you have this seal and it is in good working order.

My tank is leaking out the side walls - It must be cracked. This can happen based upon the liquids that you use. We have seen certain eliquid crack the acrylic or plastic side walls of a tank based upon the PG/VG ratio and the flavoring level and type.

6. Why is my liquid inside the tank changing color over time?

This is normal. Most all liquids get darker over time with exposure to sunlight, heat, and air. If you leave your EGO in your car, you might notice when you return that flavor has changed and is darker. If this is the case, change your liquid with new fresh liquid to return the taste and color back.

7. Why am I getting a burnt taste with my EGO?

If you are getting a burnt taste with your EGO kit it is most likely that your atomizer is burning out and it is time to replace it. The other reason why you would be receiving a burnt taste would be if you are using a Variable Volt and have the voltage turn up. To fix this, either take more time between inhales with your Variable Volt or Turn Down your battery strength. The atomizer is just getting to hot and burning with in the tank.


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