WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

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Italian Flavored E-Liquids

Italian Flavored E-Liquids
Italian E-Liquids

Your Have Just Found The Right Liquid to Vape

LIQUA contains the following ingredients (Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerol, Flavors and Nicotine). Each bottle of LIQUA e-liquids withstand the highest standards of production set by United States Pharmacopeia. All of the liquids pass thorough SGS reports. This is the purest Nicotine has no tobacco components inside. In addition, the eliquid is also protected from any oxidation during manufacturing.

Right ELiquids

Enjoy the Right Flavor

World Vapor supplies LIQUA’s full range of flavors. These are designed carefully by those who really know what they should be – the most professional flavorists from Italy. What this means, is that LIQUA’s Tobacco taste is truly right - as fresh as natural leaf Tobacco. It also means our other flavors such as LIQUA's Apple flavor is as juicy as a real green apple, and LIQUA Coffee – tastes as good as what you’ve got in your morning cup. You will truly enjoy these amazing flavors.

LiQUA Bottles

LIQUA’s plastic bottle is made of a food grade transparent PET that insures that the liquid is fresh and consistent every time you open the top. In using the sturdy bottle material, it keeps the LIQUA from leaking, and a childproof cap keeps it safe from those curious little hands.
LiQUA Child Cap

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LiQUA's Perfect Pour

Enjoy recharging your cartomizer, CE4, CE5, or other devices in just a few seconds. LiQUA specifically designed the silicone spout and soft bottle structure. This insures a perfectly fit to all Tank system e-cigs as well as open-type cartridges (eGo, 510, JoyeTech). We suggest that you use LIQUA to refill your device and experience hassle free vaping.

10ml Bottles

The 10ml bottles are perfect for trying out flavors. They can recharge about 9-10 cartomizers or a couple of CE4 (depending on how much you put in). Find your favorite flavor today with the 10ml eliquid bottles.
10ml E-Liquids

30ml Bottles

Three times the eliquids! This is a good size bottle for those who know what flavor of eliquids they like.
30ml E-Liquids

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