WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

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Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 169 Reviews

Love American Tobacco by Wisconsin Vapor on 01/11/2019

I just love the American Tobacco flavor Liqua! Have tried other brands. I just don't like the flavor stuff. I want to feel more like I'm smoking than sucking in a melon. It made me sick to my stomach! Delivery is quick. Thank you!

Excellent value by Ann on 07/08/2018

I love these so much I now have 4. They have a long lasting charge which is a definite plus. The tank holds a nice quantity of fluid. One charge will get me through the daytime and I switch to another while recharging. So glad to have found them.

Good by Mark on 10/16/2017

Great price great flavor and fast shipping

Good by Mark on 10/16/2017

Good price nice flavor fast shipping

Great Juice! by Wolfmom21fl on 08/19/2017

I love this menthol flavor. i have been using the Liqua menthol since i started vaping some 4-1/2 years ago. i was a menthol smoker and this one helped me quit smoking cigarettes in May of 2013! Awesome! i also want to just thank you guys for taking care of me last week when i was ordering this and the chargers for my vape pens.. LOL. i had my son driving all over town looking for the ones i need and NO ONE had them. i was freaking out. you guys saved the day! TY so much!

May I have some more, please? by Amanda on 06/03/2017

This is my very favorite vapor flavor. I feel it's the closest the the "brand reds" cigarette flavor that I used to smoke. It's a smooth, nice blend of American tobacco flavor. I'm missing it and it's been out of stock the past few times I've tried to buy. I don't like the substitutes I've had to go with from the local vape shop. This one is the best. Will you be getting it back any time soon? LOVE it!

Love it, good value by Roger on 12/19/2016

This has been my favorite for many years now. I add a small amount of flavoring from a local shop(Brown Maple in one and Cinnamon Roll in the other) and then I fill up with this French Pipe tobacco flavor. For me it's the perfect mix, I never get tired of it. I'm just not a frutie person although I have tried many flavors.

Love it, good value by Roger on 12/19/2016

This has been my favorite for many years now. I add a small amount of flavoring from a local shop(Brown Maple in one and Cinnamon Roll in the other) and then I fill up with this French Pipe tobacco flavor. For me it's the perfect mix, I never get tired of it. I'm just not a frutie person although I have tried many flavors.

Good package by Julie on 12/11/2015

Got mine in the mail today and opened it up. What I found was a battery, a tank, and a usb charger cord. Along with the package came five replacement coils for when your coils burn out. Finally I found a bottle of traditional flavor eliquid in 18 nicotine strength. I put the liquid right into the tank and put the tank onto the battery. Right away I was able to vape. Pretty good hit. Not the biggest of clouds but a good hit that made me happy. I would recommend this kit because of the price and quality of the kit.

Great Product by Kirt B on 11/29/2015

Kit comes with the necessary items to get started. A battery, a charger, a tank, coils, and a liquid. Worked great when I got mine out of the box. Comes with 5 extra coils to vape with which should last me about a month. Great product.

New Chocolate Smoke Juice by CIndy on 10/23/2015

I normally order Tiramisu but the 6mg was not available in the 30ml bottle at the time of my order. I took a chance on the new chocolate flavor. I found it to be a mild flavor with a smooth and creamy taste and a pleasant aroma. I enjoyed the new flavor and will ad it to my list of favorites.

Menthol by Renee on 08/28/2015

Have been using my ecig three years now. The Liqua Menthol is the best tasting menthol I have found.

Love the taste and the sweet fragrant smell of this! by Wanda on 08/25/2015

Good flavor and the flavor remains until the bottle is empty unlike others I have tried from other suppliers!

One of my favorites! by Wanda on 08/25/2015

Good flavor and the flavor remains until the bottle is empty unlike others I have tried from other suppliers!

Love this!! by Wanda on 08/25/2015

Good flavor and the flavor remains until the bottle is empty unlike others I have tried from other suppliers!

Excellent by Jeebs on 07/28/2015

Love this flavor!

The Turkish Tobacco Flavor by Valorie W. on 12/10/2014

The Turkish Tobacco Flavor is my all time favorite. I have tried other flavors and other brands but have realized that none of them are as satisfying to me as this. A+++

Three stars by Barbara N. on 12/10/2014

I've been ordering from this company for about 6 months now and they've been great! Whenever I've had any problems they've fixed the issue quickly. They ship quickly also.

Classic menthol by Debra K. on 12/08/2014

i just bought the classic menthol.it was here in a matter of days.this menthol is by far the best one yet!! Thank you..

Cuban Cigar Tobacco Flavor by Chad S. on 12/08/2014

Great product. I've been using this for a little over a year now.

Turkish Tobacco by Michael N. on 12/08/2014

Has a nice taste after smoking for 54 yrs. I found this tobacco to have more flavor for my liking.

Crystal by crystal p. on 12/08/2014

i was very satisfied with this flavor. Very smooth tasting. Will order this again .

This is a very good by crystal p. on 12/03/2014

This is a very good juice and very close to my favorite cigarette I used to smoke. Would highly recommend this .

The best tobacco oil out there!! by Jessica W. on 12/03/2014

American Tobacco is the best flavor of any tobacco ejuice that I have been able to find anywhere locally! Liqua juices for the best prices at World Vapor...fast shipping,too!!

Fast & Affordable by Shary K. on 12/02/2014

The people at world vapor are amazing. I asked a few questions via chat on their website and placed my order by 10am picked it up by noon. I live local so I was able to do a local pick up instead of a delivery. Their products are great quality and I will continue to shop here.

Liqua American Tobacco Flavor by Geoffrey Y. on 11/30/2014

This is one of the best tobacco flavor i used so far, tried other brands but didn't take right until I got this brand and flavor, I would recommend this!

I don't use it myself!! by Toni C. on 11/30/2014

I bought this for my husband. He likes it with a little bit of apple in it.

USB Wall & Battery charger by Michael N. on 11/29/2014

Works just fine a bit bulky on the plug end.

Evod Battery by Marcia G. on 11/26/2014

Terrific backup for continuous vaping!

Charger by Marcia G. on 11/20/2014

Terrific for anyone who wants to vape and doesnt own a computer!

CE5 Review by Tracy K. on 11/20/2014

I like the CE4 better. The CE5 started leaking after a few days.

My favorite! by Crystal C. on 11/11/2014

This is the only flavor I use. I have tried many others and when I found Cuban cigar my search for vape bliss was over.

like it by Barbara N. on 11/11/2014

Good shipping times, Good menu variety, Very happy with the Traditional Tobacco flavor, replaces my brand of cigs well, can't tell the difference. I would recommend, especially if you're trying to quit smoking.

Evod Starter Kit by Marcia G. on 11/07/2014

This kit is an excellent, economic choice for smooth vaping on a budget!

18650 battery charger by Richard M. on 11/05/2014

Pretty straight forward plug and charger device. Not adjustable to various size/voltage batteries is probably 1 limiting factor and only charging 1 battery is another. You get what you pay for - for more money you can get an inellicharge with 4 slots charging at independent rates, options to charge in your car with cigarette lighter adapter, along with the choice of type of battery - Li-ion, Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd. However, if all you want is something to charge your 18650 in a relatively fast and safe manner; then this is your charger. I have two 18650's for my Evic and every morning I have a freshly charged battery to pop in and satiate my vape urges. Not everything has to be Star Trek technology to get the job done.

Kanger Protank 2 by Richard M. on 11/01/2014

Construction - Nice. No leaks so far. The removable drip tip is a plus. Threads nicely on an Evic, but air slots don't quite line up. It fits snugly on the Evic and there is no wiggle like I found with the DHC tank. Tank capacity - If you are a heavy vaper, then you will be filling it up a lot. However, it is easier (IMHO) to refill this tank than the DHC tank. Coil - I like the fact that the coil is replaceable. This is the best feature and the fact that you can rebuild coils is a big plus for me. Stock coils are meh! I started getting a burnt taste on coil #1 (2.2 Ohms) within 6 hours of use. The Evic will let you run 10.0 Watts through the coil and I get a pretty good hit from that but the burned taste starts at hit #2. Rebuilding coils is the primary reason I bought this tank and I intend to try that soon. Packaging - Came in a nice box with 2 spare coils, 2 spare gaskets. and a beauty ring adapter to use with an EGo-T battery. The Kanger Protank 2 looks better on an Evic mod than the DHC tank. In fact, it looks stellar! But I';m still searching for something with more production. If you're a lite vaper and use low wattage, then this is probably you're tank. If you're a vape fiend, constantly vaping and looking for massive amounts of vape at high wattage; then perhaps this will not be you're tank of choice. I suspect that once I put my own coil in here with a bigger wick, the Kanger tank will perform better.

Strawberry Flavor by John L. on 10/27/2014

It is a very good flavor especially when used as an alternate to most of the other flavors

Turkish Tobacco Flavor by Valorie W. on 10/27/2014

I love the Turkish Tobacco flavor! It is smooth, mild and pleasant tasting. Even when I feel like trying a different flavor just for the fun of it, I always find myself coming back to the Turkish...great job guys!

Berry Mix by Sherry K. on 10/23/2014

Great Flavor - Love it !!!

Cindycmiff by Cindy M. on 10/22/2014

The best and fullest flavor with no after taste.

Samsung 18650 battery by Richard M. on 10/21/2014

Really need to sell a plug in battery charger for spares since the eVic is a USB charging device having a second battery is sort of pointless. Battery will not last 8 hours if you are a heavy vaper, leaving you waiting for the eVic to recharge the battery.

It is great by Crystal W. on 10/17/2014

It is great

menthol by Tammie B. on 10/17/2014

Love the menthol flavor. Nice throat hit too

Menthol flavor by Debra K. on 10/16/2014

im very happy with the menthol flavor,thank you again.i will be ordering more things soon!!

DUAL COIL TANK by Richard M. on 10/14/2014

It doesn't leak, I'll give it that. On the other hand, it is not easy to fill nor does it seem easy to prime the wick. It's a 2.3 Ohm unit. On a Evic set to VV and 4.4v I get a decent vape, not a huge cloud of smoke; but enough. MVR VV set the voltage at 3.3v and there is less smoke vapor. I don't like the air hole size it is too small and the location is right in the threads. The tank wobbles even when screwed down onto the threads. I'm still learning how to use it, and it could be me making the mistakes. Some instructions with the box would have been good or a website to go to and read up on the tank.

LOVE IT! by Lynne K. on 10/10/2014

This is my fave! The kit is just everything you need - batteries, case, tanks, bottle, and charger. I personally don't use the bottle or the case. I love that there's two batteries so you have one to use while one is charging. Also love the pink color!

American tobaco flavor by Michael N. on 10/09/2014

I liked the taste of it. This was the first time I ordered here and was very pleased with the fast service and of coarse the product

cola flavor by Lori E. on 10/09/2014

I like all the flavors so far that. I have tried. I hope you come out with more

Love it! by Erin D. on 10/08/2014

I really like this flavor, it tastes like a banana candy. I will definitely order this flavor again. Recommend it if you enjoy fruity tasting flavors!!

Italian juice by Richard M. on 10/08/2014

The Liqua tobacco flavor is really worth the money. The old saying "you get what you pay for" probably applies here. Am I 90% satisfied with this juice- no; it's still not a Marlboro red and that is disappointing. However, it is a pleasant vape taste and it doesn't put out some offensive smell as the Mt. Baker juice did. Currently, I'm using it with a Joyetech Evic combined with a 2.3 Ohm CE4 atomier. Vapor quantity is not huge, I'd say adequate. As always, customer support is top knotch.

Great customer service! by Wanda G. on 10/07/2014

I have been ordering from them for sometime now and have not 1 complaint! Great products, super fast shipping, and great customer service! I don't buy from anywhere else!

JoyeTech eVic review by Richard M. on 10/02/2014

Box arrived quickly in good shape. Battery comes with a 50% charge, so you can use it right away. Make sure to have an atomizer as one doesn' come in the box. Setup was easy. CONS: I couldn't download the V1.3 or V1.4 software upgrade from the JoyeTech website. I get some error each time I tried. My AV claims the site has a threat on it. It's big and a bit heavy, so if you used the EGO or an E-Cig you will need to get used to the larger size. Otherwise a pretty good device, and the installed V1.2 software is more than adequate for use.

Very good product i recomend by mike l. on 09/28/2014

Very good product i recomend

good by Amy N. on 09/26/2014

great product

excellent by Travis G. on 09/26/2014

Very good flavor

I've tried many different flavors by Jim C. on 09/24/2014

I've tried many different flavors and the French Pipe Tobacco is what I prefer. It's kept me from smoking cigarettes for 3 months now. Great flavor. Love it.

Heaven... by Virginia R. on 09/10/2014

If you like coffee or tiramisu, this is what you should be vaping! Great flavor and price from LIQUA. I suggest using a smaller tank, less than 2ml, and single coil for this flavor, and vaping at low power or volts. It will burn easily, if not vape correctly, and foul what is left in the tank. It is worth the attention, believe me. This flavor is always ready to go on a mod, even if I am vaping my usual, Strawberry LIQUA.

Excellent flavor! by Virginia R. on 09/10/2014

If I am not drinking it, I am vaping it! By far the BEST coffee flavor out there, with a great price! All of the LIQUA flavors are really nice...

Absolutely the BEST Strawberry by Virginia R. on 09/10/2014

I love Strawberry juice, and this is the best, after trying at least 2 dozen manufacturers. Great flavor, nice clouds, excellent price. I buy 2 at a time, because it is MY "go to" flavor. Try it, you will like all of the LIQUA flavors!

Tobacco bright by Eric T. on 09/08/2014

Super taste number one

4 Stars by Amy N. on 09/08/2014

I like this product better than any i have tried.

Best Battery So Far by Kathie S. on 09/05/2014

First battery I have found that will actually last all day.

Great service and excellent prices! by Kevin H. on 09/02/2014

Great service and excellent prices! Will be purchasing more!

Great product! by Rusty E. on 08/26/2014

American blend is the best!!! Maybe add some kangaroo wicks 2.5 to your sites so I can order from one place!

Louise Harris by Louise H. on 08/25/2014

This is the only smoke juice I can smoke. I started out on it and will not smoke anything else. I think it is the best ever!

Tobacco bright by Eric T. on 08/22/2014

Is excellent flavor!!!

Tobbaco - Nicotine Level by Laurel D. on 08/16/2014

I would have rated it a 5, but my level of nicotine was not available.

Newer is not always better by Kevin M. on 08/14/2014

The newer design looks better and understand what they where trying to accomplish but the tank makes an anoyning hissing sound when taking a drag. I like the 1.0 version better.

I Love It!!!!! by Vanessa C. on 08/12/2014

I was nervous at first. I've heard some people go thru several diff types of ecigs before they find one they like. This was my second one and I freaking love it! Transaction so easy and smooth and shipping was SUPER FAST!

awesome by Beth F. on 08/04/2014

The service was great and I got it in so fast. Definitely ordering from you guys again!

Bright Tobacco Flavor by Chad S. on 08/01/2014

Not bad. I've been trying this and that for different flavors and from other companies as well and this ones a winner

Can't go wrong for the price by Erin D. on 07/29/2014

I purchased this when it was on sale. I obviously wasn't expecting it to be like the more expensive ones. But i am very satisfied with my purchase. I don't know what it normally sells for, since I bought it on sale for $15.00 in black. It is very classy looking, works good, I am Just used to one of the larger ones where I can turn up the voltage for stronger hits. But I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting to vape, and is I looking for an all around good quality kit. There are a range of pretty colors too!!! Would recommend it great as a gift too!!!

Strawberry e-cigs by Stephanie W. on 07/28/2014

I usually switch between the vanilla and strawberry flavors, both of which I really enjoy. The company is fast and I will continue to from them.

Amazing products and even better customer service by Kelley Z. on 07/28/2014

It is rare that you get hands on customer service when you work with companies but I have to say, I had an amazing experience with World Vapor. Using the IM, I was able to ask questions directly to someone who was very fast to respond and made my purchasing experience so easy and fast. I will only purchase from them moving forward!

Pink ego ce4 clearomizer starter kit by Jessica R. on 07/27/2014

Love it! It is little hard getting used to but I think once I figure out my nicotine level I will be good! Great for work and in the car (so far)!

empty fill bottle with needle. by mervin m. on 07/23/2014

I like it because you can fill blanks easier. Also I have RA in my hands and the bottle is much easier to squeeze the liquid out and does not cause pain in my fingers.

EGO LCD BATTERIES by John L. on 07/21/2014

Great product because it allows you to see how much charge is left and also allows you to see the number of puffs in case you are trying to cut down on usage

Watermelon by Sherry K. on 07/21/2014

It';s not bad, however I normally prefer menthol but wanted to try something different. - Love the services !!!

First Order with World by Jeff P. on 07/21/2014

I purchased for the first time with World Vapor. They did everything very well and the product was on time.

Really smooth and tastes great! by Imani T. on 07/21/2014

Really smooth and tastes great!

Great by Scott E. on 07/18/2014

Great vape first one I have bought very happy

Just bought the starter kit by Dorothy M. on 07/15/2014

I use to smoke 2 packs a day . Using my new Ego kit average 10 cigarettes a day . I love my new Ego kit Ty

Nice tobacco flavor. by Nicky S. on 07/12/2014

I think this is the best I tried. Very good.

Best liquid out there! by dan m. on 07/09/2014

I've tried many liquids from different brands including no1 brands but this is the best by far.

DTE Report by John L. on 07/04/2014

Best tank design yet. The only problem is the procedure on how to load the juice. Instructions should be sent with the tank or a reference to them in the box. Overall the tank itself is much better.

great service great costumer support by nicole d. on 07/02/2014

i love this site compared to other sites they are there for the customers and what they ordered ........ great site i love their product and their service

Ego-T Batteries by Robert J. on 06/29/2014

I could not be more pleased with not only the product but the service. Thanks to World Vapor for the speedy service and excellent products.

Premium tobacco cartomizers by Bondo M. on 06/28/2014

Great deal, fast shipping and correct description.

Best flavor! by dan m. on 06/28/2014

This is the best flavor by far, it has a sweet accent and fine tobacco aroma, it merges very well with the Kanger Tech line of batteries and atomizers.

Without fail, love the flavors of your e-liquids. by Kerry L. on 06/25/2014

Right now trying to find my last order...

I like it but.. by Thora G. on 06/23/2014

I came to your site looking for juice for the eGoT my daughter purchased for me locally. The CE4 starter kit was a good buy so I got it.I charged the batteries, then eagerly tried my new flavors. The Clearomizers (both of them) SPIT juice out of the tip. I discovered that if I only put .8ml in they don't spit. They also have condensation in them. the locally purchased eGoT does not do either of these.

love the flavor. will continue to buy by Stephanie W. on 06/22/2014

love the flavor. will continue to buy

Mini Vivi Nova Tank System 2.0ml by william m. on 06/19/2014

i like this tank because it's fairly light weight and can be rebuilt when necessary. it delivers lots of vapor and is less likely to overload than wick less tanks. the equipment to vape is easier to to be satisfied with than searching for a flavor of juice you really like

J. McFadden by Joseph M. on 06/18/2014

The order process was easy and my vape liquid came within a few days

Its' Great by Cindy M. on 06/17/2014

Great taste, lots of vapor, very easy to use and looks good. Love the top filling. You save time and mess by filling from the top. No need to take it off of the battery to refill. No leaking so far. Looks like the KangerTech Unitank Mini will be a favorite.

AMAZING!!! by Erin D. on 06/16/2014

I was a little skeptical at first about the flavor. Boy was I wrong. I'm obsessed with the flavor. It's got a juicy taste to it. Hard to describe, but my absolute flavor by far, my second being Berry. Would highly recommend this flavor to anyone who likes fruity flavors- you'll love it!!!

Trueist cigarette tobacco taste yet by larry s. on 06/08/2014

One of the truest flavor to real cigarette tobacco that I've found so far. Great mix of throat hiy and vapor. More importantly it arrives sealed until you open it to insure lasting flavor.

Great flavor by ben a. on 06/07/2014

Great service.

Turkish tobacco flavor by Bessie V. on 06/07/2014

On time delivery

Smooth and delicious flavor by Trina A. on 06/05/2014

This brand of Vanilla is the smoothest one I have found. I came to World Vapor because my local store no longer carries this brand. I love this flavor, occasionally it tastes like roasted marshmallows! I have been using the Vanilla Liqua for 11 months now. Looking forward to switching to zero Niccotine in the near future.

Love the apple by Kevin M. on 06/03/2014

Very refreshing and not over powering.

I love it! by KATHLEEN F. on 06/02/2014

The vanilla taste great and the brand sold here is far better tasting than other vanilla's I've tried.

Closest To Real Tobacco Flavor by larry s. on 06/02/2014

If you enjoy the taste of real tobacco and not some fruiti flavor, then this is the one for you. The closest I've found to matching the real tobacco flavor of a cigarette.

Great eliquid products by Ken W. on 06/02/2014

I recently ordered a coffee flavor and it is great!

Excellent Product! by Paul B. on 05/28/2014

The price is right and so is the quality!

menthol by Sherry K. on 05/27/2014

This juice is great!!

Great Products by Ken W. on 05/27/2014

I have been smoking for more than 20 years. I tried to find a replacement that can substitude my cigarette. Eventually I found this products and it is a good replacement for me.

Great Service by Paul U. on 05/26/2014

We are going on vacation and my wife says she wants to take a million bottles of "juice" with us. When I order, I get exactly what I want and it comes in two to three days just in time for vacation or whatever. Great service and great shipping arrangements, (free), and probably the best prices around from what I have been able to determine. World Vapor makes it really economical to do business and I am hooked on them. Thinking of trying the Turkish imagining it might be like a pipe tobacco I used to smoke. Paul

Awesome flavor! by Virginia R. on 05/23/2014

A little orange, lemon, lime at different times! It is a great flavor for relaxing! This is delicate flavor, so don't overdo the voltage or wattage. Find the lowest setting your mod will give you a good . Ego users with no adjustments should be fine. It is worth the extra time to find the sweet spot! Wonderful flavors, sweet and light. I love it, so will you! Liqua is my favorite juice maker!

THE Best flavor out there! by Virginia R. on 05/23/2014

Liqua Coffee is my favorite juice to vape. I add a little Liqua Vanilla to it and vape all day! Some flavors you can't "push" with a little extra wattage, but you can with Coffee! Great taste, awesome vapor! Buy it, you will like it!

eGo-T by Amy P. on 05/22/2014

Fantastic product. Easy to use, fill, and carry around. eGo-T also has the longest battery life of any other products I've tried.

Good by ALLYNE M. on 05/20/2014


Pretty good stuff. by Nathan H. on 05/17/2014

I have no complaints on this product. Very nice flavor for mixing with many others because it works well with so many flavors. I hear Liqua is high quality stuff and nothing I have experienced using this product leads me to believe otherwise. If you like vanilla or want to another flavor to play with mixing, this will be great for you. Enjoy!

Jim Vap AZ 6 months non smoker! by James M. on 05/15/2014

Cuban Cigar ROCKS!!! Best juice ever! Service fast! Will order from them again

Super excellent goût by Eric T. on 05/08/2014

Super excellent goût

Super excellent goût by Eric T. on 05/08/2014

Super excellent goût

Pro tank 3 by Jean J. on 05/07/2014

I prefer pro tank 2 and one of coils does not Work on pro tank 3.

E-liquids by Jean J. on 05/04/2014

Fine quality; I use them knowing they are the best I can get!

The Brown Ego t battery by Jon M. on 05/03/2014

I have about 7 different batteries made by ego from my local vape store and they have all been quite functional....I love the colour brown to add to the collection but I must admit the one is weak. It doesn't seem to hold the charge as long as the others but for now I guess it will do.

Great true flavor in there by Dennis O. on 05/02/2014

Great true flavor in there product. Recommend trying them out.

Great Tobacco Flavor by Chad W. on 04/29/2014

This E-Liquid is extremely smooth and has a nice throat hit. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good, true Tobacco taste.

Vanilla vapes by Stephanie W. on 04/27/2014

I like the flavor of this e-cigarette over others I have tried. Will continue to buy this flavor.

The Menthol is alright but the Mint is better. by ELIZABETH M. on 04/25/2014

Love the Mint.

A little unhappy this time by Valorie W. on 04/24/2014

I spent over $20.00 for expedited shipping and it still took a WEEK to get here! Very disappointed... I am also disappointed in the Atomizers I purchased...it is very difficult to draw anything out of them so I purchased 2 more elsewhere that work great. I do love the Turkish Blend and will continue to purchase it but I will just need to realize that I need to order it well in advance in the future.

Ego battery by Jean J. on 04/22/2014

Has always been good for me.

Apple e-liquid by Jean J. on 04/22/2014

Very good; one of my favorites !

ok by Evan T. on 04/17/2014

pretty good

The product is great. by Sandi S. on 04/16/2014

I ordered 4 clearomizers and they work well. One arrived cracked but it still works ok. It does leak a drop of fluid occasionally but it would cost more to ship it back than to just deal with it. I have been off real cigarettes for 7 weeks now and it is because the e-cigs. work.

Great Flavor by Erin D. on 04/15/2014

Love this flavor! Not too strong but not weak at all. Highly recommend this one!!! It's def one of my favorite flavors!!!!

cleanomizer by madeline l. on 04/14/2014

It was good but didn't last in few day vapor wouldn't come out

Premium red e cig battery by Debteen E. on 04/14/2014

Loving my new battery. Doesn't take long to charge and stay charged all day long.

Good stuff again by Charlie P. on 04/13/2014

Like the double wicks

World Vapor by Tammy L. on 04/12/2014

Love the blueberry flavor and already ordered more product from world vapor, very reasonable and love my e-cig! Haven't smoked since

fast service by Pam P. on 04/11/2014

like the flavors

I have ordered twice now by Christine R. on 04/11/2014

I have ordered twice now from World Vapors and find the best prices for the replacement pieces I need for my vaporizor. They process orders promptly and orders are shipped relatively quickly.

EGO CE4 Clearomizer Starter Kit by Charles P. on 04/10/2014

Great price for great gear. Two good batteries with the two clearomizers provide great flavor and decent vape for any beginner. 9/10 rating, would recommend to anybody looking to vape.

Finally, "Looks and Functionality"! by Harold C. on 04/09/2014

I really love the Mini Vivi Nova Tank System. It, with a Chrome tip and silver battery is more than classy! It smokes very very well and easy to load, no wicks, how much better could it be?

Great Product by Dennis O. on 04/07/2014

Great e-juice! Tryed a lot of other company's and World Vapor is the only one I use now.

Bright tobacco flavor by Debteen E. on 04/06/2014

I've tried a few others and bright tobacco flavor is my favorite so far. Very pleasant.

I think I still find by Stephanie W. on 04/06/2014

I think I still find vanilla to be my favorite but the grape is good too. Not sure if I will buy again since strawberry and vanilla top it but.....if you like grape, you will like this flavor

more good stuff. by Charlie P. on 04/06/2014

Reminds me of walking by a coffee grinder

Mints flavors by John L. on 04/01/2014

Seems OK but have not had enough time to give it a complete evaluation. So far so good

Great to get started by Courtney C. on 03/31/2014

Bought this starter kit to kick the habit. A little over a week later, I'm cigarette free. I wish the kit had come with better care instructions.

Since you asked and I was trying to answer, let's start over. by John L. on 03/30/2014

Vanilla flavor is one of my favorites right behind Stawberry. Since I double ordered vanilla it will probably be 6 months before I will need to buy it again. Is this a good enough review? My turn...I think I have told you that I am your best salesman in Naples FL. I have sent at least 20 different people to your website and most of them were from various states visiting here. There are above seven different vapor shops in Naples but most people would rather buy on the internet so I am the one who tells them where to go ie WorldVapor.com. Now you are asking me about each product which I will try to give you input but getting 10% off the next order is not fair. I would like to propose another deal since I am overloaded with your product right now. How about going backwards through ALL my old orders and give me a 10% credit for all I have already done because now I have at least 5 coupons for the future which really don't help me today. Please think it over and let me know. [email protected]

I am very happy with the products and services! by Lawrence L. on 03/29/2014

Same as above!

Good Stuff. by Charlie P. on 03/29/2014

Smokes like a lucky LSMFT

Love thisflaver by John L. on 03/26/2014


Magical Grape-leaf flowery taste! by GEORGE I. on 03/26/2014

I';ve tried dozens of flavors from all the major e-liquid brands. I have to keep buying this LIQUA GRAPE flavor beyond all others, because it has such a mellow, unique flavor. Tastes like a magical grape-flower, if such were to exist.

I think is help me by jose a. on 03/26/2014

Since I have I don't smoke anymore

great product! by Joe M. on 03/21/2014

starter kit is just what i was looking for and world vapor reprisenetive in Carmel Mountain Ca. was more than helpful.He gave me all the facts of the product and took his time to explain how it works. Thank you Joe Martin

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